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This announcement was passed on to me and I wanted to share it with you so you could join in the call and the fight against regulation of the internet.



As you you are aware, there is also a potential power grab going on by the administration and the FCC where they are trying to regulate and control the internet, even going so far as giving the President access to an internet kill switch.

Considering that this movement was birthed from Twitter and relies upon the internet for communication more than any other resource, we cannot allow the Obama administration and the FCC to have this power.  We can stop this power grab and tonight, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN) and Seton Motley of Less Government are going to tell us how we can help.

This is an issue that we cannot allow to be pushed under the rug or be buried in all of the news about the budget crisis.  This issue is critical to this movement!  Especially after what has recently happened in Egypt and also Iran not too long ago.  If the left or anyone else wants to shutdown the tea party movement, this is how they will do this.

Please share this email with your leadership teams and group members.  We need as many people on this call to hear Congresswoman Blackburn explain how we can help her fight this regulation by the FCC.

Date: Tonight, March 8th
Time: 8:30 pm Eastern
Conference Dial In Number: 712.432.3100

Conference Code: 160992

Instructions for Call:
The entire call will be muted for the presentation from Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and Seton Motley.  Once the presentation is over, we will accept questions from participants.  You can submit questions via the methods listed below:
  • Email ~ You can submit your questions beforehand by sending an email to hulsey1873@gmail.com with "Internet" in the subject line.  
  • GChat ~ You may also submit questions via gchat to Jennifer Hulsey at hulsey1873 or James Lyle at james.tpx.
  • Text Message ~ Jennifer Hulsey 770.546.0286 or James Lyle 678.495.8270
  • Live on Conference Call ~ "Raise Hand" during call by pressing 5* and the host will call on you to ask your question.
*This call will be recorded for future reference. 

If you are a leader of an organization, please invite your members to this informational call.  All are welcome.

Included below is reference material that is very useful.  Please feel free to  share all of this information with others.  This is a very real battle and we need to be ready to tackle this on every front.

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A group of Patriots have recently been working on educating the public on some legislation, KORUS, the Korean Trade Deal.

There are some major concerns with this legislation:

1.   Undermines U.S. sovereignty
2.   Violates U.S. Constitution by circumventing Congressional authority regarding appropriation of U.S. tax dollars.

3.   State legislators oppose it because it undermines State’s sovereignty.

4.   Negotiated with expedited Executive authority & Congress is banned from amending or fully debating it.

5.   Kills almost 160,000 U.S. jobs & encourages offshoring by multi-national corporations.

6.   Favors powerful multi-national corporations over U.S. small business even when bidding for government contracts.

7.   Not real “free trade” – benefits Korea much more than U.S. & increases U.S. trade deficit by $16.7 billion.

8.   Allows unsafe food products into U.S. without inspection

9.   Benefits NORTH Korea & strengthens Chinese leverage against us.

10. Immigration – throws open US doors to Korea

This legislation is coming up for a vote in the near future. 
  A letter is going to be sent to the Republican Freshman Class asking them to vote no on this legislation.
If you have further questions or concerns please let me know. If you feel this is something that your organization would like to sign on to email Kathryn Serkes at kaserkes@att.net or go to www.takebackwashington.org  .

We all have so much going on right now, and we have a great deal to work on in protecting our country. This legislation has some real concerns. For more information about this subject you can click here

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