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A group of Patriots have recently been working on educating the public on some legislation, KORUS, the Korean Trade Deal.

There are some major concerns with this legislation:

1.   Undermines U.S. sovereignty
2.   Violates U.S. Constitution by circumventing Congressional authority regarding appropriation of U.S. tax dollars.

3.   State legislators oppose it because it undermines State’s sovereignty.

4.   Negotiated with expedited Executive authority & Congress is banned from amending or fully debating it.

5.   Kills almost 160,000 U.S. jobs & encourages offshoring by multi-national corporations.

6.   Favors powerful multi-national corporations over U.S. small business even when bidding for government contracts.

7.   Not real “free trade” – benefits Korea much more than U.S. & increases U.S. trade deficit by $16.7 billion.

8.   Allows unsafe food products into U.S. without inspection

9.   Benefits NORTH Korea & strengthens Chinese leverage against us.

10. Immigration – throws open US doors to Korea

This legislation is coming up for a vote in the near future. 
  A letter is going to be sent to the Republican Freshman Class asking them to vote no on this legislation.
If you have further questions or concerns please let me know. If you feel this is something that your organization would like to sign on to email Kathryn Serkes at kaserkes@att.net or go to www.takebackwashington.org  .

We all have so much going on right now, and we have a great deal to work on in protecting our country. This legislation has some real concerns. For more information about this subject you can click here

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Looks like Louisiana republicans will have control of the Senate for the first time since reconstruction! Theres a republican Gov and House as well. Whos ready to move to Louisiana? It has the strongest economy, drill for natural gas and oil, the movie industry generated 1.5 billion for the state in 2010, its now considered at the top in regards to government transparency. There is so much great about this state.

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