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Written by Cindy Chafian-The Daily Right
September 17, 2010

The Obama Administration launched a concerted effort today to mobilize community leadership in support of Senator Harry Reid’s latest move toward amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The issue at hand this time is “The Dream Act” (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act).    

Hoping to clear the first of many legislative hurdles, Reid plans to bring the proposed amendment to the House floor for a vote this upcoming Tuesday.  Reid hopes that he can get enough votes in order to get the law pushed through in time to have it attached as an add-on amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill of 2011 scheduled for later this year.

Obama and Reid know full well that they will not be able to get this amnesty law passed on it’s own merit, so in typical “politics as usual”fashion, Democrats have decided to show their utter disrespect for the United States military by using the Defense Appropriations bill as way to pave the road for citizenship for illegal immigrants.  

Although getting the amendment passed and added to the bill is a long shot, the fact that the Democrats, namely Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid and the Obama administration are willing to use the sacrifice of our brave service-members in order to give an opportunity for citizenship to those who have broken the law, is just sleazy.  

Most American’s don’t feel it’s appropriate for ANY elected official to play dirty political tricks and trade favors in order to get laws passed, no doubt that voter outrage will be escalated when they hear this latest attempt to reward amnesty to illegal immigrants by sneaking it through on a defense bill.

I find it offensive to all military members, as well as their families, that some of our elected officials feel it’s appropriate to play these political games. To potentially hold hostage the much needed support of those who wear the uniform by using those brave men and women who have volunteered for service and risk their lives for this country is nothing short of shameful...Simply shameful.

Admitting that it will be a “tough tough environment”, the White House staff expressed the commitment of the President as well as everyone in the administration had to passing the law and informed advocates that they needed strong support as well.  She encouraged them to talk the act up and to get as much support as possible for it in the upcoming days.

Speaking to over 300 people on a conference call this afternoon, Cecelia Munoz, White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, did her best to hint to listeners who support the proposed amendment, about “lobbying for support” without actually coming straight out and telling people to lobby on behalf of Reid and the White House.  

It’s amazing how easily a message can be conveyed without actually SAYING the words that could come back to haunt you.  Ms. Munoz subtly informed community organizers and immigration advocates what was expected of them without saying exactly what they were expected to do.  She chose her words and tone carefully so that she could stay within “legal boundaries” but still deliver the message from the President.  

In an afternoon conference call, speaking on behalf of the White House, Ms. Munoz told supporters, “The White House can’t ask you to lobby...we can’t specifically tell you to lobby, but we can give you a status update.”  Sounds like a little bit of wink wink nod nod, if you ask me.  Those listening knew exactly what she was trying to say and what they were supposed to do with the information.  

According to a website in support of the Act:

Under the DREAM Act, certain undocumented individuals could become legal residents. The first step in this process is for the individual to enroll in some type of higher education, such as a university, vocational school, or apprenticeship program. Another option is to enroll in the U.S. military. If certain requirements are met, this person may apply for conditional residency in the U.S. Upon receipt of an associates degree or a 2-year equivalent within six years of the initial petition, the conditional status can be changed and the individual can become a legal permanent resident of the United States.

To be eligible for permanent residency under the DREAM Act, the individual must have entered the United States before turning 16 years of age and must have been in the United States for at least five years without interruption. The individual must also demonstrate the ability to speak English.

The jury is still out about whether or not I support this CONCEPT, but what I can tell you is that getting it passed this way is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Some solutions need to be developed and if a person was brought here as a young child by their parents, might this be the right answer for that group of people alone? I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that if the proposed law is strong enough to award those who are technically here illegally U.S. citizenship, then it should be presented by itself, on it’s own, and then passed on it’s own merits--Don’t do it by exploiting a defense bill.

Acknowledging the failed attempts to get the amendment passed in the past 20 months, Munoz cited the reason for pushing it as an amendment to a Defense Appropriations bill was to avoid the “ugly obstacles” that would arise if presented in another fashion.

In other words, if they are able to get it attached as an amendment to a Defense Bill then it might have a better chance of passing because they know the Republicans aren’t going to vote down a defense appropriations bill--especially not right before an election.

If you disagree with this action then CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and urge them to oppose the DREAM Act. The number for the Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121. Just ask for your Senator's office and tell them to VOTE NO on the DREAM Act.


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The more the left attacks the more money conservatives raise, Christine is no exception. Want to get the liberal medias panties in a wad? Go give, give, give.


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Rove: We cannot win with O'Donnell. Sorry Rove. Watch Us

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It wasn’t too long ago that ACORN, the liberal activist organization, was exposed for fraudulently registering the entire Dallas Cowboys football team in Nevada in time for the 2008 election. As Democrats desperately try to hold onto seats in the House and Senate, and governorships in 37 states, liberal organizations are stepping up their voter fraud campaign. Their new target is the fourth largest city in the country, and the economic heart of the Lone Star State — Houston.

On Tuesday, Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez, who is in charge of voting registration in Houston’s encompassing county, accused Houston Votes and the Texans Together Education Fund of an organized voter fraud campaign. Houston Votes submitted more than 25,000 applications in recent months wrought with disturbing irregularities, including addresses that didn’t exist, non-citizens seeking to register, and cases where up to six applications were submitted for the same person.

Vasquez said that the integrity of the voter rolls in the Houston area, “appears to be under an organized and systematic attack,” by Houston Votes, the voter registration arm of Texans Together, whose board of directors is stocked full of Democrats.

The board includes Cris Feldman, one of the lawyers who brought a civil suit against Tom Delay’s TRMPAC; James Aldrete, a veteran Democrat operative who consulted for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign; and Andres Pereira, a mass torts trial attorney in Houston who has given thousands of dollars to Democrats, and was a 2008 candidate for a judicial position in Houston.

Although Texans Together claims to be non-partisan, their liberal ties run deep, and the organization’s efforts to register more than 600,000 new voters in the Houston area by November now comes under great scrutiny, after so many irregularities were found in this recent batch of applications.

Much of the research that uncovered these gross irregularities in the voter rolls was done by a citizen’s watchdog group called True the Vote. They began their investigation by looking at households where six or more voters resided. That’s how they stumbled upon what is perhaps the most troubling discovery — an instance where as many as six people where registered at an address that is nothing more than a vacant lot.

Texans Together, like other liberal voter registration organizations caught participating in voter fraud, claims that it had no knowledge of the invalid applications, and the group’s President Fred Lewis was quick to say efforts to review and clean up these rolls are simply Republicans trying to suppress voter registration. Lewis also said he would appeal to Obama’s Justice Department in Washington. “We need to have the Justice Department come in and see what Mickey Mouse stuff he and his office are doing to suppress people.”

Fraudulent voters may play a key role in November’s elections. Besides Democrat congressional seats in Texas, the state is also holding contests for state-wide offices, and battling for control of a closely divided State House. Chief among these elections is the battle for Texas Governor, between Republican Governor Rick Perry and the Democrat Bill White. White, a former Houston mayor, comes from the very county where this massive voter fraud is taking place, and could gain the most from these suspect voters.

As Democrats reach new levels of desperation, efforts to defraud genuine American citizens of their right to fair and free elections seem to be in their cross-hairs. Winning elections at all costs requires that groups like ACORN and Texans Together prey on that shortcomings of Voter ID laws in hopes of fraudulently swinging elections in their favor.

In a country where you have to provide a valid ID to drive, fly or even enjoy a beer, it’s astounding that in most states you are not required to do the same to vote. Evidence like this shows that this failure of the system will continue to be exploited in the interests of those who stand to benefit.