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TCOT Rank 1

Follow newtgingrich on Twitter
1) Newt Gingrich
BIO: Husband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker. I'm running for president to offer leadership to solve America's challenges.

STATUS: Thank you for all of your support! Today, I suspended my campaign, but the fight to defeat Barack Obama continues. http://t.co/BUCqL4XM

http://www.twitter.com/newtgingrich updated 5/12/2012 6:00:11 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 2

Follow sarahpalinusa on Twitter
2) Sarah Palin
BIO: Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee

STATUS: Mourdock For Indiana http://t.co/LMgQXkBu

http://www.twitter.com/sarahpalinusa updated 5/12/2012 9:30:10 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 3

Follow radioblogger on Twitter
3) Duane Patterson
BIO: Radio's Duane Patterson - Producer of Hugh Hewitt's Show, host of Duane FM at www.hughniverse.com. On a quest for a million followers to bug @dickc.

STATUS: @JonahNRO, the long awaited transcript of you on with @hughhewitt - http://t.co/AZmKF60a #hewitt

http://www.twitter.com/radioblogger updated 5/13/2012 5:30:25 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 4

Follow glennbeck on Twitter
4) Glenn Beck
BIO: Sometimes I feel like i am living a dream, other times like I am in a Hitchcock film but when I am with Tania and the kids, I feel happy and whole.

STATUS: RT @mediabistroTV: WATCH: Latest episode of "My First Big Break," featuring @glennbeck: http://t.co/Suc0tweC

http://www.twitter.com/glennbeck updated 5/12/2012 1:15:21 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 5

Follow nansen on Twitter
5) Nansen Malin
BIO: Passionate about politics,technology,beach life,salmon,free enterprise and creating change.Former Alinsky student who does conservative politics.Views R my own.

STATUS: .@katflinn but there is the target flagship in downtown Minneapolis. isnt that urban?

http://www.twitter.com/nansen updated 5/13/2012 2:00:21 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 6

Follow KarlRove on Twitter
6) Karl Rove
BIO: Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, Author of Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight

STATUS: Starting the weekend w/ @foxandfriends - tune in 9AM for my take on Obama & #SSM, his celebrity fundraising, & media bias against Romney.

http://www.twitter.com/KarlRove updated 5/12/2012 11:15:08 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 7

Follow RobMcNealy on Twitter
7) Rob McNealy
BIO: Flooring inspector and expert witness. I can help you with your flooring problems. #Floors #Flooring #Hardwood #Tile #Laminate #Engineered #DIY #CWFI

STATUS: RT @odieturner: When the government's boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence. #libertarian

http://www.twitter.com/RobMcNealy updated 5/13/2012 2:00:10 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 8

Follow bearfanron on Twitter
8) Bear fan Ron Show
BIO: Host of the Bear fan Ron Show on www.fgrn.net, Love Sports, Food, Politics, the Chicago Bears, Cubs Blackhawks, and Bulls. Conservative and not ashamed of it.

STATUS: Friday Night Routine 05-11-12: Headlines, Current Events, some Tunes, and whatever else comes along the way. http://t.co/xu8Ynu6K

http://www.twitter.com/bearfanron updated 5/12/2012 10:45:18 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 9

Follow michellemalkin on Twitter
9) Michelle Malkin
BIO: American. Conservative. Mom. Wife. Blogger.

STATUS: UGH. Arlen Specter begs voters on MSNBC to keep Orrin Hatch, calls #teaparty "cannibals" (starts 6:50) http://t.co/j1D0coSm #retirehatch

http://www.twitter.com/michellemalkin updated 5/13/2012 3:15:15 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 10

Follow thejimjams on Twitter
10) James Hirsen
BIO: New York Times Bestselling Author, Columnist for Newsmax, Attorney, Law Professor and Former Keyboard Player for the Temptations. #tcot, I follow back!

STATUS: Stanley Cup: Rangers Beat Capitals; Will Meet Devils in Conference Finals http://t.co/5zbYBg7N

http://www.twitter.com/thejimjams updated 5/12/2012 11:45:24 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 11

Follow govmikehuckabee on Twitter
11) Gov. Mike Huckabee
BIO: Former AR Gov, FOX Host, Bass Guitarist, Radio Commentator

STATUS: #FF @learnourhistory

http://www.twitter.com/govmikehuckabee updated 5/12/2012 6:00:07 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 12

Follow bryanlongworth on Twitter
12) Bryan Longworth
BIO: God Christian Husband Father Pastor Conservative #ProLife #TeaParty #tcot #tlot end #abortion #912 #Personhood Computer #Tech Website Design #Santorum

STATUS: Rendering thanks to my Creator ... 4 my birth in a country enlightened by the Gospel John Dickinson Constitution Signer http://t.co/HJLr3oVE

http://www.twitter.com/bryanlongworth updated 5/12/2012 10:45:12 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 13

Follow Heritage on Twitter
13) Heritage Foundation
BIO: A think tank devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

STATUS: EXCLUSIVE: @SenJonKyl has been among the Senate’s strongest proponents of a robust national defense. Watch it: http://t.co/OXra6ev4

http://www.twitter.com/Heritage updated 5/12/2012 6:00:11 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 14

Follow StevePoizner on Twitter
14) Steve Poizner
BIO: CEO of Encore Career Institute, addressing education & employment needs of baby boomers. Working to make California the innovation capital of the world again.

STATUS: Thanks to CivicVentures team.Great event! RT @jarrodagen:@StevePoizner at CivicVentures on importance of @encorecareers http://t.co/dm4sE7co

http://www.twitter.com/StevePoizner updated 5/12/2012 7:00:05 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 15

Follow RPRC on Twitter
15) Riverside County GOP
BIO: The Republican Party of Riverside County (Use Hashtag #riversidegop)

STATUS: The Republican Party of Riverside County is proud to endorse Kevin Jeffries for Supervisor and Victoria Cameron for Superior Court Judge

http://www.twitter.com/RPRC updated 5/12/2012 3:45:26 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 16

Follow johnboehner on Twitter
16) John Boehner
BIO: I represent Ohio's 8th Congressional District and serve as Speaker of the House; am fighting for a smaller, more accountable government.

STATUS: Looking forward to watching the @Reds beat the @Nationals tonight at the Great American Ball Park #GoReds

http://www.twitter.com/johnboehner updated 5/12/2012 11:15:07 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 17

Follow MarkRMatthews on Twitter
17) Mark R Matthews
BIO: I am a very Conservative (NOT Republican) Attorney/Professor.

STATUS: #TCOT 04/26 Judge Andrew Napolitano: Rick Perry Was Correct http://t.co/DvPpZMae

http://www.twitter.com/MarkRMatthews updated 5/12/2012 3:30:14 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 18

Follow stephenkruiser on Twitter
18) stephenkruiser
BIO: Host of Kruiser Control on PJTV.com. Single dad. Runner. Reader. Sports freak. Occasional #RedEye guest.

STATUS: Also, #racism.

http://www.twitter.com/stephenkruiser updated 5/13/2012 6:45:27 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 19

Follow GovernorPerry on Twitter
19) Rick Perry
BIO: Personal Twitter feed of Texas' 47th Governor. Follow @TeamRickPerry for updates from campaign staff, @TexGov for official state updates.

STATUS: A beautiful evening in San Antonio. http://t.co/rJrOlMM9

http://www.twitter.com/GovernorPerry updated 5/13/2012 11:15:19 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 20

Follow mikepfs on Twitter
20) mikepfs
BIO: Husband , Father,Christian, Conservative , Tech Geek #TCOT

STATUS: @1967canadian Oh I do a very good one:)

http://www.twitter.com/mikepfs updated 5/12/2012 1:15:21 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 21

Follow MicheleBachmann on Twitter
21) MicheleBachmann
BIO: Happy to be serving MN-06 for a 3rd term.

STATUS: Happy Mother’s Day! I’m looking forward to spending time with my husband and beautiful children. What are your plans for the day?

http://www.twitter.com/MicheleBachmann updated 5/13/2012 11:15:17 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 22

Follow rockingjude on Twitter
22) rockingjude
BIO: One Person CAN make a difference!! Geoeconomics and advocate for less government, no FED. We are no longer America. Member DAR[Daughters of American Revolution]

STATUS: .Happy mothers Day to all the Mothers out there/especially my listed *womenunite* "The Greatest Gift of All" http://t.co/SXhKMfmB ~hugs xoxo

http://www.twitter.com/rockingjude updated 5/13/2012 12:30:12 PM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 23

Follow jimdemint on Twitter
23) Jim DeMint
BIO: U.S. Senator from South Carolina

STATUS: MT @chrisjacobsHC: Why #Obamacare premium rebates are NOT a game changer http://t.co/GfLajrRY

http://www.twitter.com/jimdemint updated 5/13/2012 9:00:32 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 24

Follow coffeemaverick on Twitter
24) David J. Morris
BIO: David J. Morris CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Entrepreneur, Stuntman, Husband, Father, Servant & Conservative. but lover of ALL people! God Bless Everyone!

STATUS: @WilsonHines The author Andrea Waltz ( @GoforNo ) sent it to me. I read it. its awesome!! #GoforNo

http://www.twitter.com/coffeemaverick updated 5/13/2012 2:00:21 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 25

Follow 0boy on Twitter
25) JD Rucker
BIO: When in doubt, pray.

STATUS: Why My Next Phone Will Be Windows 8, Sight Unseen http://t.co/MC9mw7u9

http://www.twitter.com/0boy updated 5/13/2012 2:45:30 PM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 26

Follow scotmckay on Twitter
26) Scot McKay
BIO: Dating coach, author, Dannie and Micky-Mac's dad, bedtime raconteur extraordinaire, household varmint wrangler, @emilymckay's naughtiest dream come true.

STATUS: [X&Y] Are You Driving Like A "Grandma"? <-- Yeah, I'm Talkin' To YOU http://t.co/VoFSosVA

http://www.twitter.com/scotmckay updated 5/13/2012 2:45:20 PM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 27

Follow BraveLad on Twitter
27) Markham Robinson
BIO: AIP XCOM Chairman—Christian—Restore the Constitutional Republic—Conservative—ProLife/Personhood—Gun Rights/2nd Amendment—Tea Party—Zionist/ProIsrael—#TCOT—#AIP

STATUS: So much regulation! Instead we need more "eggulation" defined as throwing rotten eggs at the regulators. Sound good? #tcot #teaparty #aip

http://www.twitter.com/BraveLad updated 5/12/2012 1:15:37 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 28

Follow DRUDGE on Twitter
BIO: Personal observations here. DRUDGE REPORT headline feed @Drudge_Report

STATUS: I love Noon ET in America! Limbaugh, Alex Jones, the others. Airwaves fill with vibrant, provocative alternative views. It feels fearless...

http://www.twitter.com/DRUDGE updated 5/13/2012 1:00:29 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 29

Follow andylevy on Twitter
29) Andy Levy
BIO: TV's Andy Levy. Not responsible for your misunderstandings.

STATUS: @Daniel_Knauf Hey, I've been reading Civil War the last week or so. I had no idea you wrote Iron Man for awhile - great stuff!

http://www.twitter.com/andylevy updated 5/12/2012 10:15:28 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 30

Follow Jerell on Twitter
30) Jerell Klaver
BIO: Husband. Dad. Marine. PMP. MBA. Small Business Owner. Ultra Runner and Mountain Biker. 2010 Candidate US House of Representatives Colorado CD 5.

STATUS: @GaltsGirl agree, and in part why I rarely use twitter anymore

http://www.twitter.com/Jerell updated 5/12/2012 12:15:17 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 31

Follow tjholthaus on Twitter
31) Tom Holthaus
BIO: Retired software company exec. Conservative/ Libertarian,. Korean Vet USAF, 2nd Amendment Defender, World Traveler, 3rd Oldest guy on Twitter (79) #TCOT #TLOT


http://www.twitter.com/tjholthaus updated 5/12/2012 4:45:07 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 32

Follow adamsbaldwin on Twitter
32) Adam Baldwin
BIO: American Individual: RT ? Endorsement; Deletions = Disregard; Blocked = Liars, Intransigents, Intellectual Morons, the Irrational & Profane.

STATUS: RT @CO2HOG: Obama's Former Doctor Slams Obamacare http://t.co/wtVx2C8s

http://www.twitter.com/adamsbaldwin updated 5/12/2012 2:30:06 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 33

Follow JanSimpson on Twitter
33) Justme
BIO: Just Being Me; Believing in myself, America & doing what is right. Political Loyalty has no place in US any longer. Thinking is not a part-time job.

STATUS: LOL @squawkbox is an idiot - Playing to Obama really? Same Sex marriage - That will take Obama years... @shawnvc @Siri @uber @RokuPlayer

http://www.twitter.com/JanSimpson updated 5/12/2012 4:45:06 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 34

Follow wbaustin on Twitter
34) Bill Austin
BIO: Bill Austin Ramblings and News from Phoenix Arizona. SEO SEM Internet Marketing Social Media Advertising Public Relations Strategy Search Engine Optimization.

STATUS: Find out true reason behind termination, learn from it http://t.co/06KeBgtK

http://www.twitter.com/wbaustin updated 5/13/2012 2:00:27 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 35

Follow MarcoRubio on Twitter
35) Marco Rubio
BIO: Proud to represent Florida in the United States Senate.

STATUS: As maybe only Sen paying a #studentloan surreal listening to Dem colleagues lecture me on #studentloandebt http://t.co/55vqIfpu #comeonman

http://www.twitter.com/MarcoRubio updated 5/13/2012 6:45:22 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 36

Follow JoyceSchneider1 on Twitter
36) JoyceSchneider1
BIO: Half of the Cook & the Cardiologist team, passionate about health, medical topics - & WRITING THRILLERS.

STATUS: @CriFiLover Thx so much for RTing about EMBRYO. Uploaded Mon, waiting 4 Amazon to post it http://t.co/EfkaX2vb Busy time for them, I guess

http://www.twitter.com/JoyceSchneider1 updated 5/13/2012 5:30:16 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 37

Follow TheDigitalLife on Twitter
37) Rick Abbott
BIO: Christian Conservative home-schooling dad, Kentuckian, elder, in love with wife and kids! #TCOT - N8HMR. Geocacher.

STATUS: I unlocked the Movie Buff(10) sticker on @GetGlue! http://t.co/5Y3cZ5Qe

http://www.twitter.com/TheDigitalLife updated 5/13/2012 1:00:25 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 38

Follow BobbyJindal on Twitter
38) Gov. Bobby Jindal
BIO: The Official Bobby Jindal Twitter Page

STATUS: New survey ranks Louisiana among the top 5 states friendly to small business – overall “A” grade. http://t.co/cSixF3Be

http://www.twitter.com/BobbyJindal updated 5/13/2012 11:15:18 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 39

Follow TPO_Hisself on Twitter
39) Tom O'Halloran
BIO: Child of God - Married - Gun carrying NRA Conservative - Big Time Operator - Radical Right Wing Super Villain - - Twitter Rock Star

STATUS: Friends, please follow me as @TPOs_Favorites for the best people to follow & the best i conservative blogs!!

http://www.twitter.com/TPO_Hisself updated 5/13/2012 6:45:22 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 40

Follow joelcomm on Twitter
40) Joel Comm
BIO: Been there, done that, wrote the book... several of them, actually. What's next? I'll let you know when I figure it out.

STATUS: Would you give the gift of water today? I will match it! Please read and RT http://t.co/vQNij5ba

http://www.twitter.com/joelcomm updated 5/12/2012 2:15:09 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 41

Follow badgerbaby on Twitter
41) The Dan
BIO: Artist, Producer & #PopExpert at Badger, Baby! Tweets from the Badger Management Team. Follow & Tweet for singing/performing tips :D #JesusIsLord #BadgerBaby

STATUS: Hmmm I'm tired after the studio. What's everyone else up to?

http://www.twitter.com/badgerbaby updated 5/12/2012 12:15:10 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 42

Follow wildwasser on Twitter
42) Norbert Doetsch
BIO: Internet Architect, Engineer, Digital Handyman, Entrepr., TEDster, Fitness Fanatic, Alpine Whitewater Kayaker, Pilot, EAA-Mbr, exSouthAfrican, pro-USA

STATUS: Scheduling Backup to Amazon S3 | Forum - ManageWP: Manage WordPress Sites from One Dashboard – ManageWP.c... http://t.co/rk1q8ERI

http://www.twitter.com/wildwasser updated 5/12/2012 7:00:15 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 43

Follow KatyinIndy on Twitter
43) Katy
BIO: Cogito, ergo sum conservative. Liberty is NOT negotiable, Fedzilla. 'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.' --Thomas Jefferson

STATUS: RT @MattBatzel: Scott Walker: "if you re-elect me on June 5, I will continue to stand with the hardworking taxpayers of WI." #wiright #tcot

http://www.twitter.com/KatyinIndy updated 5/12/2012 2:30:26 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 44

Follow rightwingnews on Twitter
44) RightWingNews
BIO: The official Right Wing News, Linkiest Twitter feed. PS: I don't get DMs. Too many coming through.

STATUS: http://t.co/Iu4jjo2M now is now updated on the week-ends.

http://www.twitter.com/rightwingnews updated 5/12/2012 11:45:22 PM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 45

Follow exposeliberals on Twitter
45) ne1 g0tz
BIO: Fiscally conservative,socially conservative / libertarian. animal lover, L.A.sports homer. Anti union thugs, marxists, Pelosi and Obama #tcot #teaparty

STATUS: Obama throws granny off the cliff (Video) http://t.co/cBZTzgpW #tcot #tlot #sgp #hhrs #Ocra

http://www.twitter.com/exposeliberals updated 5/13/2012 12:30:05 PM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 46

Follow STXherry on Twitter
46) Sherry
BIO: Love my family, my dogs. Passionate Conservative. Our family loves to hunt. Support NRA and 2nd Amendment. LOVE TEXAS! See? Lots of love!

STATUS: .@KatyinIndy .@theRealExTex Okay. Shootin' pumpkins with Katy in Oct!! Back to TX for http://t.co/PgVPTHv8 #GameON ;-)

http://www.twitter.com/STXherry updated 5/12/2012 2:15:35 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 47

Follow EricCantor on Twitter
47) Eric Cantor
BIO: I serve as the Majority Leader and represent Virginia's 7th District in the U.S. House.

STATUS: RT @ZacMoffatt: RT @MittRomney: This is the Obama economy: http://t.co/fZ8LziDV. Millions of Americans are suffering in silence. #ObamaI ...

http://www.twitter.com/EricCantor updated 5/12/2012 4:45:07 AM, next update 5/19/2012


TCOT Rank 48

Follow HighOctaneCEO on Twitter
48) Marty Cox
BIO: Husband, Dad, Friend & Entrepreneur. Founder of It's A Grind Coffee Houses; Serving communities across the US since 1995. #rescuedogs #tlot #tcot

STATUS: RT @coffeemaverick My new blog post about 4 great books for entrepreneurs http://t.co/EH1W3aJm

http://www.twitter.com/HighOctaneCEO updated 5/13/2012 10:15:20 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 49

Follow firetown on Twitter
49) Mike Dammann
BIO: I was on Twitter before Twitter was cool! @firetown me with #firetown and I will follow back.

STATUS: RT @RhesusNegatives: Você é brasileiro e Rh-negativo?: http://t.co/WI4Qf8kY via @youtube

http://www.twitter.com/firetown updated 5/13/2012 8:00:05 AM, next update 5/20/2012


TCOT Rank 50

Follow dcdecker on Twitter
50) DouglasDecker
BIO: Chef,Artist,Conservative,Tea Party,Enjoying the ride on this time/space continuum....and lets get this one term assclown outta here!!!

STATUS: @KurtDieringer not just no....but HELL NO !!!

http://www.twitter.com/dcdecker updated 5/13/2012 11:15:17 AM, next update 5/20/2012
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